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Traho x Stick Figure Woodworks - Walnut Cutting/Serving Board

Traho x Stick Figure Woodworks - Walnut Cutting/Serving Board

SKU: StckFig_Walnut02

This beautiful Hardwood Walnut Cutting Board is the perfect tool addition to any
kitchen. Combined with strips of Maple and Mahogany wood for a uniquely
characteristic look, it offers both durability and style thanks to its flat grain cutting
board construction. The warm, rich hue of the walnut wood grain adds a touch of
elegance to any countertop and provides a perfect surface for food preparation. So,
whether you're slicing fruits, chopping vegetables, or carving meats, this cutting board
will make your cooking experience more enjoyable. The board is expertly crafted to
ensure that it is sturdy and long-lasting and since we ship the board pre-seasoned, it is
ready to go right out of the box. Board measures 11 3/8" x 8 3/4".

  • Care Instructions

    Using your cutting board

    • Preparing cut pieces of fruits, meats, vegetables, and other foods with a sharp knife.
    • Properly clean your board between preparing different foods. Consider using one cutting board for fresh produce and bread and a separate one for raw meat, poultry, and seafood. This will prevent bacteria on a cutting board that is used for raw meat, poultry, or seafood from contaminating a food that requires no further cooking.
    • Additionally, placing a damp towel under the cutting board can add friction to keep your cutting board from sliding around, this can aid in reducing the chance of knife accidents and help prevent your produce from falling onto the floor.

    Cleaning and care

    • Do not put it in the dishwasher. The dishwasher will destroy it by exposing the wood to an extremely high moisture environment and will lead to warping, cracking as well as removing the finish.
    • Use soap and water. By using a little bit of dish soap, a scrub brush or sponge on the board is all it needs. The sooner you wash it after use the better. Do not submerge the board in water if you can help it, and do not leave it to soak as this will lead to the board being damaged.
    • Disinfecting the board is not required if proper cleaning is maintained. If you feel disinfecting is required, then the following method may be used. Rinse the board with some water, sprinkle salt on it, cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon (cut side) all over the salted board. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes, but no more than that then rinse the board clean.
    • It is ok if the board gets wet. It is NOT okay if the board STAYS wet. Dry the board after you wash it, with a kitchen towel or similar. After you dry it, stand it up on its side so that air can get to both sides and dry evenly.
    • Do not leave the board out in the sun. It can get some sun such as while you are cooking some burgers or steaks out at the grill but do not leave it to sit out for hours on end. Long extended exposure can lead to warping and damaging the board’s finish.
    • After using the board many times, it will start to get dull and show some wear and tear such as knife marks. To reinvigorate the board and renew the finish, apply a mineral oil or cutting board conditioner. This can be done by wiping it on with a paper towel covering every inch, and then wipe any extra off with a dry paper towel. If a conditioner is to be used, follow the manufacturer’s directions.
    • Over the months or years more cut marks are going to appear. In order repair the board, sand the top of it with 220 grit sandpaper till it is as smooth as you like, then apply some mineral oil or board condition per the previous point. It will look as good as new and last for many years with proper care.
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