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Handmade goods born on the plains

Traho [tray-ho] is a brand born of the Midwestern lifestyle. Traho represents the hard work, brotherhood, dedication and craft inherent to people of the the plains, forests, mountains and rivers. Here at Traho we make tools, furniture and products that make life a little better. Our passion is creating things from abandoned materials. Repurposed materials give life to our ideas and embody the spirit of the places we call home. From the great plains to the wild lands of the mountain west, Traho products bring passion and joy to the activities we love. Traho started as a knife company out of necessity to create better, harder working blades for our outdoor adventures and has grown into a brand that represents the Midwest and all that it stands for.

Traho’s handmade products are designed and hand crafted in small batches here in Gardner, Kansas.

Traho blades are rigorously tested by the Traho Tribesman all across the US and beyond in real-world hunting, fishing, camping and daily carry. This feedback translates directly into the designs and material selections so you can rest assured that your Traho tools will live up to the midwestern ethos. Traho tools are designed to work hard and perform at the highest level for generations.

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