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CANIS - Boning Knife

CANIS - Boning Knife

CANIS – As its namesake suggests, this knife is a carnivore. This versatile knife is purpose built to break down, debone and handle any cut of meat you can throw its way. Handcrafted from 52100 high carbon steel, this 6” swept blade is razor sharp and features just the right amount of flex. A black acid washed patina provides a bold look while helping to ward off rust. A 20 degree edge angle coupled with the high carbon steel provides a durable, hair popping sharp edge, while simplifying in the field sharpening. Paired up with a handcrafted leather belt sheath, this knife is a trusted companion on hunting trips while feeling right at home in the kitchen. In no time you will find this knife in your hand while deboning an elk quarter or slicing a brisket at your summer cookout. Shown with a hybrid hedge and ash wood handle, this knife is also available with ultra-durable micarta handles.  

    This is a custom handmade knife. Lead time is 6-8 weeks. 
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