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The Chief - 8" Chef Knife

The Chief - 8" Chef Knife

8" Western style chef knife - The perennial workhorse of the kitchen, these chef knives are as useful as they are beautiful. Whether you're an aspiring home cook or a seasoned professional, these bespoke chef knives are sure to be a centerpiece of your kitchen. Inspired by the indomitable spirit of the Midwest, these knives are hand crafted from repurposed materials that have spent decades and oftentimes generations working hard on Kansas and Missouri farms. The blades are handmade from repurposed farrier rasps. This steel provides a durable razor sharp edge and retains the unique patterns of the file on the blade and spine to remind us of their origins. The scales are hand crafted from repurposed bois d’arc (commonly known as Hedge or Osage orange). This wood is from western Kansas fence posts often more than 100 years old. Accenting the hedge wood, you can choose to include thermally stabilized ash, G10 liners in a number of colors and mosaic pins to compliment the standard brass hardware. In addition to being a sure fire conversation starter, the carbon steel blades on these knives will develop a patina over time making them uniquely yours and telling the story of your kitchen and your cooking.

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